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If you are responsible for employees who drive vehicles, pilot aircraft, or represent your business, you need to know that you have hired honest people who are in full control of their faculties. They have to be able to make smart decisions about the job they do and the way they represent your company. One way to ensure employee ethics is to subject your people to regular and random drug testing from Direct Occupational Centers LLC.

We offer certified and experienced drug testing services to companies, municipalities, and individuals in Houston and the gulf coast area. Whether you are responsible for public safety or confidential information, you cannot have your proprietary information and expensive equipment in the hands of people under the influence of illegal or abused prescription drugs.

Our confidential drug testing service not only ensures the safety of your employees and the public, but also safeguards your expensive equipment and vehicles, and protects you from liability created by someone under the influence. You can get immediate drug testing after worksite or traffic accidents or randomly send a given number of people for testing each day or week. That way you can find, help, or remove those people who have habits that are contrary to doing good business for you.

Drug testing can be more than just a way to find and fire employees who have drug problems, whether it is random or accident-based. It is an opportunity to invest the time and patience in that employee to help them with their problem and grow beyond what must be a difficult time in their lives.

Direct Occupational Centers LLC of Houston, TX has licensed and trained personnel that are qualified to administer hair, breath alcohol and urine tests for illegal drug use that could harm your company. Contact us to set up drug testing on your employees.

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