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If you have federal government contracts, employees who operate vehicles or heavy equipment, or just want to ensure your customers that you run a clean operation, on site drug testing is a necessity that you cannot do without. Direct Occupational Centers LLC offers on site drug testing services to companies and vendors throughout the Houston and gulf coast area to guarantee that your employees are safe and sober.

Prescription drug abuse has been on the rise over the last decade and is one of the biggest threats to honest companies throughout the United States. Our on site drug testing services can help you identify employees who may have a problem with prescription drug abuse and get them the help they need to turn their lives around, without having to get rid of them and spend the time and money to bring a replacement up to speed.

Marijuana has become legal in some states recently and many others have some form of medical marijuana law, but it is still illegal in Texas. Our on site drug testing services can help you identify people who may have a problem with marijuana, or other illegal drugs, and get them help before they damage your company.

On site drug testing offers several advantages over sending your employees out for testing. First, employees do not have any opportunity to try to subvert the test, like they do when you send them off-site for testing. Second, it saves you the time and headache you would have spent to send them out for drug testing. Finally, it offers faster turnaround time and results than you can get from an off-site drug testing services.

You have worked hard to build up your business and you do not want to lose it all to an employee who has a drug problem. Call Direct Occupational Centers LLC of Houston, TX for on site drug testing and protect your business and your reputation.

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